2020 Maxfind Max2 Pro Boards Gets Updated

2020 Maxfind Max2 Pro Boards Gets Updated

February 18, 2020

Max2 Pro Series Board

Maxfind tries its best to improve continuously in line with customer preferences, The revolutionary upgrade of the Max2 Pro series electric skateboard is the improvement of battery and performance. This is the longest mileage concept advocated by Maxfind, which can satisfy the taste of skaters.

Let's look at the performance gap between Max2 Pro and Boosted Mini X on the market:

Upgraded Battery

Now with extended range batteries, the top speed is 15 mph (the actual range may be affected by road conditions, biker weight, temperature, etc.)

The climbing ability of the boards has been increased from 20% to 25%.

The new battery will reduce the voltage sag, and the rider will be able to maintain high speeds even when the battery is low.

In addition, the N5055 motor has been upgraded to a high-speed N5065 motor.

As the battery is replaced, the battery box will also change to occupy its upgraded tenant. Of course, the weight of the boards has also increased relatively; the current boards weigh about 6.5 kg. But it is also a new series of boards that are easy to carry and lightweight.

Upgraded ESC

The Max2 Pro series also improves the ESC algorithm to make acceleration and braking very smooth, and optimizes the efficiency of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy at high speed.

The three-speed power supply is adjustable for quick and easy switching.

In different environments, Max2 Pro has different features, longer battery life or smoother sliding experience.

You can choose different fun and experience it while riding.

Supports dual-band FM to prevent disconnection and provide a sense of security.

Hall wheel throttles and precise gear speed limits give you more refined control.

Unlocking skills in 3 minutes, skateboarding has never been easier.

Deck Theme

Inspired by Cadillac diamond cut designs,

Created with this lightweight, sharp edge and textured panel, this patented formula has high strength.

Recyclable composite materials, plus carbon fiber transfer to protect the environment, the perfect combination of technology and personality makes you unique.

Professional Trucks II

The advanced heat treatment casting process improves the truck's strength and impact resistance by 30%. The high-speed 45-degree bridge is more stable at high speeds. The unique slot design of the PU seat puts more precise restrictions on the highly elastic PU, so the corners have more stable support.


Special Price
The original Max2 Pro was priced at $ 649. Maxfind has recently launched a lot of promotions, so you can get a $50 off and join the free membership program with a $10 universal discount coupon.

The Max2 Pro series electric skateboard will be your best commuting companion, Hurry Up!

Learn More:https://www.maxfindboards.com/products/electric-skateboard-max2pro

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