Best Belt Drive Electric Skateboards in 2021-Maxfind FF-Belt

Super-flex Deck, Comfortable Riding
After two years’ research and innovation, we design the FF-belt deck featuring flexible, high-quality and recycling. We use tech innovation to bring you unimaginable comfortable riding.

Double Kingpin Truck, Unparalleled Flexibility
Most trucks in the market is made of ADC12, while the FF-belt truck is made of AISIMg5, which is a dedicated material for high-speed train. And the 98A PU pushing makes the steering easier.

Small Handle, Big Usage
For most riders, hanging a heavy skateboard is annoying. Based on concept of “customers-oriented, serving customer”, we designed the handle to making the travel easy and fun. Optimize every detail, enjoying each travel.

New Hobbywing FOC ESC,Intelligent Brake and Safe Riding
The Maxfind FF Belt uses a newly intelligent ESC, which makes acceleration and braking more smooth.

High-performance Belt-driven Motors, Faster & Farther!
The Maxfind FF-belt uses ultra-sensitive B1 belt motors (1500w*2) , which can concisely control the torque and speed.

Quick-swap Battery Setup, Unlimited Range
The FF-belt uses a quick-swap battery system. When purchasing this board, you can choose to get either a one-, two- or three-battery bundle depending on the range you need. It’s a very interesting setup. The quick-swap batteries are 48-volts 8.7-amp-hours Samsung 12S3P packs with an effective capacity of 376 Wh. Samsung batteries are known to be very reliable and the battery pack itself is well-sealed against moisture and dust, carrying an IP65 rating. One battery will give you a range of about 25 miles, two batteries give you 50 miles and so 3 batteries give you around 75 miles.

The Maxfind FF-belt Skateboard has been officially launched, and it is currently on Black Friday Sale on Maxfind official website. 
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