Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits (in 2020)

Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits (in 2020)

July 27, 2020

Are you already a confident skateboarder and have a board that you really like, but you are ready for a new challenge?

Do you have a skateboard that you bought ages ago and it has sat around unused because you can’t get motivated to get out and push?

Maybe you just want to be able to go further and faster for commuting or fun?

If any of these scenarios fit the bill for you, it could be worth considering converting your existing model into your own electric skateboard.

A good electric skateboard is not cheap.

Along with a well-designed deck, it also needs to have a powerful motor, an efficient battery and an effective wireless remote that allows you to control the speed and braking.

If you have a high-quality existing board, and enjoy tinkering with some electrics, installing a DIY electric skateboard kit could be cheaper than buying a new high-quality electric skateboard.

If you are not technically minded, and you don’t want to do the extra research, it would be better to check our reviews for inspiration.  

If your board has seen better days, or you had been thinking about an upgrade anyway, there is no point going to the expense of installing it.

Maxfind – M5 Drive Kit

This Do-It-Yourself kit is the cheapest among the Kits. Additionally the dual 750 hub motors, a speed maximum of 26 miles per hour, and a 158 Wh battery capable of delivering the device to a range of 15 miles, the performance is well worth the cost. It weighs in at 14 pounds, but this can vary based on the specifics of the deck. It also may be worth mentioning that this kit comes with an extended warranty of nine months, which is higher than some other kits and boards can offer. Commuters and long-range travelers might be interested in the additional battery packs, which can be pretty easily swapped out on-the-go to extend the range of your built device.

Specs and Features

Top Speed 26 mph (42 km/h)
Range 15 miles (25 km)
Battery Size 158 Wh
Drive Train Hub
Motor Power 2 x 750 Watts
Weight 14 lbs | 6.5 kg
Max Weight Capacity 220 lbs |100 kg (Also depending on the deck)
Hill Climb 30 %
Charge Time 2 hrs
Wheel Size 90 mm
Water Resistance IP65 (“dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle)
Warranty 9 months
Link to Website
Price $ 569 (Standard Kit)
$ 669 (Additional Battery)
$ 769 (2 Additional Batteries)




Fitting the components used in an electric skateboard kit is easier and more functional if you have a longboard. 

While they will still work on a traditional short, kicktail style board, the electric drive train in certain kits will be a squeeze on shorter mini boards.

Make sure you always check the component measurements to make sure that they will be suitable for the style and size of the board you have.


Some kits have everything you need as part of the package. Others come with only certain electric skateboard parts.

If you already have pieces of kit that you can crib from, this can save you some money.

Also, if you have particular requirements from each element, it allows you to produce a more bespoke arrangement.  But most of the time it is better to buy a complete kit. 

If you are going for a full kit, consider what is important to you.

Perhaps, when you first got into e-skateboarding you were an absolute beginner, and you bought a model that wasn’t too intimidatingly powerful.

Maybe you now want to upgrade to a more powerful motor, or a more efficient battery to give you a longer riding time on a single charge?

If you already have wheels that you adore, if they can accommodate the motor, you may not be so bothered about what wheels come with the kit.

Don’t forget to take into account the motor and battery size in the full kit too. You don’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t give you enough power. 

But, equally, if you are not interested in super-fast speeds, there will be no need to pay the premium you would expect for this sort of requirement.

If you live somewhere hilly, you will likely want something more powerful to help carry you up the hills.  It is also the same if you plan to take your board across rougher terrain.

This will also be true if you are a heavier rider. More power will give you better acceleration in all these scenarios.

Check out how heavy the major components are too. If they are exceptionally heavy, you may find that negatively impacts the performance of your board.

Of course, the more powerful the battery and the motor is, the more heavy it will naturally be. But weights can vary greatly across the brands, even if they have similar watt power amounts.

Some kits will have more responsive braking, and others might have a more compact and versatile remote. Some of the more expensive, premium e-skateboard kits have compatible apps.

You need to work out what aspects are important to you before making a decision.


With most electric skateboards you get a certain timeframe to return it if the product is faulty and they will often come with comprehensive warranties.

You need to be aware that once you start tinkering with the components in a kit, you may not have as much recourse for a refund or replacement if you discover a problem. 

Once you start tinkering around with the parts, it often means the warranty is no longer valid.

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