Best Electric Skateboard For College Students (Campus Commuting)

Best Electric Skateboard For College Students (Campus Commuting)

April 25, 2020

College is difficult enough as it is…

Classes, exams, hangovers, and lack of money are just a few of the challenges students face.

And don’t get me started with the commute across campus.

Some colleges like Penn State University house over 46,000 students and is located on 13 square miles (8,500 acres) of land.

Walking to class can take 30 minutes (depending on the campus) or more if you decide to walk!

Yes, options like cars and buses exist… but who wouldn’t want to ride an electric skateboard around college.

Electric skateboards have an advantage over vehicles like:

  • No need for parking
  • No expensive fuel
  • Very low to no maintenance
  • More direct travel route
  • Can ride on sidewalks AND road
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Way more fun!

Everyone has probably seen an electric skateboard on campus or on the street sometime in their life.

The first reaction is that it causes ‘head to turn.’ Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of confused and puzzled looks just from riding my e-board on my street.

It almost looks like your gliding on a magic carpet!

With that being said, let’s take a deeper dive and find out what are the best boards you should take with you to college!

Why Bring An Electric Skateboard To College?

No one likes being late to class…

But no one likes leaving 25 minutes early to make that long walk across campus.

But if you bring your electric skateboard, you’ll take a fraction of that time.

A 10 minute walk will take about 2-3 minutes on an electric skateboard.

Don’t you know walking is now out of fashion…

In a day and age where speed and time means everything, electric skateboards will help improve both aspects for your 4 years at college!

Price Matters

Let’s face it…

College students aren’t the richest of people.

From personal experience, I know being in college makes you broke.

All your money is spent on alcohol, textbooks, and pizza.

So when looking for an electric skateboard, dropping $1,000 isn’t really much of an option.

We have to consider price without sacrificing too much quality and performance.

But electric skateboards aren’t the cheapest of things to buy in the first place.

At minimum, the cheapest boards are around $250, and they aren’t of the best quality.

If you want a good board for getting you through college, you should look to spend around $500.

So what kind of options does this leave us with?

Maxfind brand boards are a very solid option here.

Maxfind electric skateboard have both electric longboards and skateboards under $500 that offer some of the best performance around.

Size And Weight Matter

It’s also worthy to note that carrying a 40 inch board that weighs 25 pounds isn’t the best option for college kids either.

You don’t want to be lugging around such a massive object into class or up the 4th floor of your dorm.

Smaller, lighter, and more compact boards are a much more reasonable and simple option.

Anything over 20 pounds and 33 inches in length is just too much.

Best E-boards For College

No more butting around! Let’s get down to business and decide which are the best boards you can take to college!



I’ve reviewed this board multiple times before and I absolutely love it.

I would ride this to and from my college campus from the train station almost every day for a year. It cut my commute time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

First off, this board is smaller and more lightweight than your normal e-board.

It weighs only 14 lbs and offers a 31 inch deck, allowing it to fit into any locker.

The best part is, the price starts at $469… Super cheap.

With a top speed of 24 mph, a standard range of 15 miles, and a 20% hill climbing rate, this board is straight up a beast and will make cruising around your college campus a breeze.

It also offers three different speed modes to allow you better control over the board.

The Max2 Pro comes in two different options based on the battery you choose:

Max2 Pro (Single) – total price: $469
Max2 Pro (Dual) – total price: $569

From my experience, If you want faster speed and stronger climbing ability, it is strongly recommended that you use the dual-drive version。

The Maxfind is so good that it even outperforms other top brands like Inboard, Boosted, and OneWheel; all for a fraction of the price, making it the perfect electric skateboard for any college student.


Maybe college isn’t so difficult after all…

Especially when you’re riding an electric skateboard all day!

Even though I took some time to research and make a list of the best boards for college, I highly recommend you shop around and do the same.

Find a board that won’t set you back too much, but will still happily drive you around campus so you get to class on time!


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