It’s Loud! Maxfind Releases New Electric Skateboard Max4 Pro: Long Range & Power Upgrade

It’s Loud! Maxfind Releases New Electric Skateboard Max4 Pro: Long Range & Power Upgrade

April 17, 2020


More than half a year after the release of Max4, the Maxfind team finally released the top version of Max4, Max4 Pro. This version has made many improvements in power performance, battery life and product details.
As one of the versions of the Max4 series, the appearance of the Max 4 Pro series is still the simple design style. The board surface uses eight layers of Canadian maple wood, and the sandpaper uses gray tones. The weight is only about 7 kg. In Max4, the pro version uses 96mm wheels, and the front and rear wheels are matte. The grip is stronger, which provides good shock absorption and road adaptability.

The Max4 Pro remote control panel is more intelligent, and the new LCD screen display allows you to understand the remaining battery power, driving speed, speed mode, taxi status, fault detection and Bluetooth status through the control panel, making taxiing easier and more professional versions added Four speed modes have been set for fixed speed cruise, namely low speed (9 mph / 15km / h), medium speed (16 mph / 25km / h), high speed (24 mph / 35km / h), super high speed (26 mph / 42km / h), everyone can easily switch according to different riding environment when taxiing, which is very convenient.

In terms of cruising range, Max4 Pro uses Samsung 4.4 lithium battery with a capacity of up to 4400mAH and can support 15 miles of long-distance taxiing. In addition, the removable battery box Max4 Pro can be used for long-distance taxiing up to 45 miles or longer. The energy recovery system converts part of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage during driving to extend the cruising range. It is also equipped with an intelligent battery management system, which can provide protection against short circuits, overcurrent, secondary overcharge, secondary overdischarge, secondary temperature abnormalities, etc., and can timely understand the health of the battery pack through the remote control.

The power of Max4 Pro's latest M5 wheeled motor has been increased from the original limit speed of 24Mpm / h to 26Mph / h, resulting in better carrying capacity, better climbing experience and higher acceleration. When increasing the output power, the motor will not extend the battery life. The reduction in driving mileage increases the cruising range due to the increase in efficiency. The response speed of EBS electronic brake is faster. Through accurate calculations, the energy will be charged into the battery. Up to 10% of the recycling amount can effectively extend the cruising range. The distance is greatly shortened.

Currently, the Max4 Pro series has been sold!
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