How to Maintain Your Electric Skateboard?

How to Maintain Your Electric Skateboard?

August 13, 2019

How should you maintain and take care of your electric skateboard?

In this blog post, we are sharing some of the top tips to keep your electric skateboard in the best condition possible.


Being probably the most expensive component of an electric skateboard, you want to keep the battery running as long as possible.

To protect the battery, please try to use your electric skateboard between the temperature of 10-30℃; otherwise, the battery will age quickly under extremely high or low temperature, resulting in lower battery capacity.

The range will be shortened if the battery life continues to decrease.


Electric skateboards are usually not fully charged when being shipping out; it is safer for transportation this way and you should fully charge it first before using the board.

The lithium battery has no memory and can be charged at any time. In order to maximize the battery life, please fully charge the battery in time after each use.

If the battery is charged after being completely drained, it will cause excessive discharge of the lithium battery and this will shorten the battery life significantly.

It is strictly forbidden to charge the lithium battery that has been over-discharged (not being able to be charged anymore)! Over-discharged battery is a potential safety hazard. Please dispose of the battery.

If you are not using the electric skateboard for a long time, store it in a cool, dry room and fully charge the battery, keep at least 80% of the power, and at least charge the board at least once every 20 days.


Make sure the electric skateboard is turned off first, unplug the charging cable, and close the charging port.

Wipe the outer casing or deck of the electric skateboard with a slightly damp cloth, taking care not to allow water to get inside the housing of the charging port or ESC so it won't do any damage to the electric skateboard.


Please check the front and back truck regularly and tighten the bolt if it becomes too loose.

A looser truck will be better at turning and carving, though it would give you speed wobbles when riding at high speed; we recommend tightening your back truck more so you can get a more stable ride while still maintaining the smooth turning experience.

The amount the wheels tilt back and forth depends on how tight the trucks are. If you have a board (or a friend's board) that you like, test the tightness on them and try to replicate it in your own board. The amount they wobble right and left relates to how tight they are.

The bolt controls the tightness of the trucks. It points directly to the ground when you're skating, and is found between the wheels.

Your can tighten it with a skate tool or a wrench too.

Turn it clockwise to tighten the trucks, getting tighter turning. Turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the trucks, getting a softer turning feel.

If you start to hear a squeaky sound when riding, please apply a few lubricant on the bushing and pivot cup to reduce the friction.

Please check the front wheels and PU sleeves on each side of the skateboard regularly to see if there is any serious wear and tear and whether there is abnormal noise and wheels being stuck.

Contact an authorized seller to replace damaged or worn wheels and PU sleeves promptly.


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