Maxfind Electric Skateboards at The First Show in CES Asia

Maxfind Electric Skateboards at The First Show in CES Asia

June 13, 2019

The CES Asia exhibition in Shanghai is being held in 2019, and the electric skateboard of MAXFIND is also eye-catching at this exhibition. As the first show of CES Asia, it attracted more than 300 domestic and foreign brands in just 23 days. Visitor's inquiry. It also attracted the experience of a large number of visitors and was extremely popular.

Whether you can see this picture can imagine the popularity of MAXFIND's electric skateboard on this CES Aisa. Why is it so hot?


Let's take a look at a few introductions:

CES: International Consumer Electronics Show, hosted by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association of America (CEA), aims to promote the close integration of cutting-edge electronics and modern life. It is held in Las Vegas, the world's most famous casino in January. It is the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics technology exhibition and the world's largest consumer technology industry event. The exhibition is highly professional and has a good trade effect and enjoys a high reputation in the world. Over the years, CES has gathered the best traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturers. They have brought the most advanced technology concepts and products, attracting many high-tech equipment enthusiasts, users and industry audiences. It has been successfully held for 51 sessions so far.

From this introduction, it is not difficult to see that the CES exhibition is a very high-volume exhibition of consumer electronics exhibitions, and its purpose and effect are also leveraged. Throughout the past few CES exhibitions, in addition to mainstream consumer electronics products, there are also some green mobility products, such as electric bicycles, two-wheeled electric scooters, twisting cars, balance cars, wheelbarrows, and only a handful of four. There are only a handful of electric skateboards, but there are still a lot of visitors and experience, so it is easy to see that the four-wheeled electric skateboard is still on the way.


CES Asia:

The Asia Consumer Electronics Show is co-hosted by Shanghai International Exhibition and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (CES Shanghai) and hosted by Shanghai Intex. Saiyi (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established by the Consumer Technology Association of America (CTATM). Shanghai Guozhan Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. is a famous professional international exhibition organizer in China. Special co-organizers of the Asia Consumer Electronics Show include the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products (CCCME) and the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC).

Since 2016, the Asia Consumer Electronics Show has been awarded the “Trade Show Certification” qualification by the US Department of Commerce for four consecutive years. US Department of Commerce The “Trade Show Certification” program aims to encourage US companies to actively participate in accredited exhibitions by partnering with event organizers to drive and promote the export of US products. This certification program not only demonstrates that the US federal government recognizes that CES is a high-quality platform for displaying US products and services, but also means that the US Department of Commerce and its business organizations around the world will actively promote in their countries and regions. The Asia Consumer Electronics Show encourages US companies to participate.

From this introduction, we can see that CES Asia, mainly organized by relevant organizations in the United States and China, aims to promote the import and export of both parties. As of this session, it has been held for 5 sessions, and the results and reputation are not bad. The second exhibition is divided into four themes, virtual reality, augmented reality and robotics; 5G, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things; automotive technology; start-ups. MAXFIND is fortunate to be a start-up for this category. The four-wheeled electric skateboard only appears in the startup category, and there is only one, that is MAXFIND. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the MAXFIND four-wheeled electric skateboard can catch eye on this category, which once again proves that electric skateboards still have unlimited potential.


After reading these two introductions, let’s talk about the three core factors that are popular in the MAXFIND electric skateboard.

The first one: the product itself (see a few pictures first)

Max 4

FF Series

Max2 Pro

First, the light has been attracted from the appearance, and it is estimated that there is rarely a match on the market. And from the mini board to the long board, from the street board to the off-road version, it covers almost all the users on the market, and can also meet the various needs of the players. This series of products appeared at an international exhibition and soon became focus.

Regarding the product performance, MAXFIND electric skateboard integrated design, quick release battery, IP65 waterproof, theoretical unlimited life, super motor power, ultra-fast speed, linear brake and acceleration, sinker design, double-layer Bridge erection, etc., can guarantee a good experience for the user, which can only be experienced by experienced players.

The user's experience, from the information of our mobile phone, most of the experiencers have mastered the riding essentials after a few test rides, and they are all newcomers, easy to get started, good skateboarding. The shock absorption is also good, the brakes are stable, the overall feeling is quite comfortable, the real thing for them is the joy of riding, not the sorrow of riding.



Second: The experiencer

As can be seen from the pictures, not only a large number of overseas users, but also many Chinese users are also eager to experience first, this is mainly the user's curiosity about new products, the pursuit of new technology and the tenacity of conquering new products.

The vast majority of users are first-time experiences, and many people are seeing this product for the first time. In addition, only one of them in the venue displays electric skateboards, so they will boldly try them.

In fact, the deeper demand should be that the user can test whether the product is suitable for him or not by testing the ride. Whether it can bring convenience and happiness to his life, the inner driving force is that they try new products.


Third: The Market

First of all, at this CES exhibition, many people came to explore new products and test the market. They may have some understanding of electric skateboards. It is just that there are merchants exhibiting at this exhibition. It is just a chance to experience the potential of this product.

Secondly, the entire electric skateboard has been more and more known by the promotion of several major leaders, which means that more and more potential users need electric skateboards.

Finally, the world is now advocating green travel, energy saving and emission reduction, and the four-wheeled electric skateboard as a part of the green travel, of course, will be more people to choose. If the product itself can bring convenience, happiness and solve the user's needs, then having an electric skateboard is the best thing. In addition, Maxfind's full range of skateboards is currently developing in the direction of the travel demand. The latest Max 4 and the upcoming FF series have not solved the pain points of many electric skateboards, which naturally attracts many users.


Finally, if you want to learn more about the Maxfind electric skateboard, please refer to the Maxfind website:

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