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Max2 Pro is the newest electric long board of Maxfind, the second generation. It can run 30km(17mile) far and very fast, just published and ready for selling. The board can take people anywhere they want in the city with a powerful speed.

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Bikes, trikes, and skateboards were just the beginning by Sean O'Kane@sokane1 Dec 31, 2016, 1:00pm EST Longer range. Smaller batteries. Sleeker, more integrated designs. These are things you can expect to hear touted in 2017 by the companies that make what we at The Verge call electric rideables — an imperfect catch-all term that covers everything from electric skateboards to hoverboards to whatever the hell this is. Some of those features are starting to hit the streets, and smart connectivity is making these things more than just boards with wheels and motors. That brings us to a point where we’re...

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