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For me, the commute to work was something I dreaded doing every day and probably the worst part of my day. Sitting in a car stuck in traffic, or jammed into a train with a bunch of sweaty people, that is simply not what I wanted to be doing with my time, let alone for over an hour each day. Longer commutes are associated with lower rates of well-being and the average American spends 25.4 minutes commuting, with Los Angeles, Boston and Atlanta having some commutes that last over 90 minutes! This transportation structure isn’t sustainable, and it is taking a toll on our mental well-being.

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Every day, people are using public transport to get to work. It does a great job of getting cars off the road and makes it easy for people to get around. Yet, there is one problem. Public transport doesn’t pick you up out the front of your house or deliver you to the door of your office. This is what electric skateboard companies, like Maxfind, are trying to solve.

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For quite some time electric skateboards riders have been unsure about their countries’ legislation. What needs to be done to create more clarity?

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The CES Asia exhibition in Shanghai is being held in 2019, and the electric skateboard of Maxfind is also eye-catching at this exhibition. As the first show of CES Asia, it attracted more than 300 domestic and foreign brands in just 23 days. Visitor's inquiry. It also attracted the experience of a large number of visitors and was extremely popular.

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Maxfind is more exciting and mysterious new electric skateboard. At the CES Asia Consumer Electronics Show, the Shanghai New International Expo Center W5 Hall 6315, June 11-13, 2019, let us look forward to it.

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