The Max2 Pro Electric Longboard Timeline

The Max2 Pro Electric Longboard Timeline

May 22, 2018

The idea of Max2 Pro started from November of 2020. We was only sure about the size of it which is 31 inch.

31 inch is longer than Maxfind Mini but shorter than Max A, so it can be both portable and stable. Actually, it is.

We started to work on this idea from December, more details have been added, then our designers made it graphical.

After modifying a couple of times, we decided to make it physical. So we sent the design file to do  3D printing.

Then the first prototype came out on February 26(th),2018.

It looks cheap and plastic, let alone one front wheel is already broken. To test it, we change its truck and put electronics in it.

Fortunately, we got a good result before its braking.

Based on its test, we made some modifications on it and let the factory made a rideable prototype.

But this took it a long time before seeing us, and we see it until the Electronics Show in Hong Kong, on April 11(st).

The rideable prototype looks fantastic and portable. It has two motors, black cover tyre, mirror surfaces on the back side and touchable grip tape on the deck.

A lots of visitors tested Max 2 out, the results are all enjoyable, people already like it. Some of them even wants to buy.

So we started the small batch production after the show. Max2 Pro was ready for test.

The factory sent us one test board on May 10(th), after their test.

To make a compare, we took off one motor from the first prototype make it single motor.

Then I ran a full test at the parking lot on May 11(st). It turns out that Max2 Pro also has fantastic performance.

My test lasts 94 minutes, it makes my legs ache. But one thing is different from the old Maxfind Mini, the speed won’t slow down when the battery reduces.

Also, the new Max2 Pro has a 30.19 km distance! Normally the Max Speed is higher than the Max Mileage, but it is opposite on Max 2. With a 30 km distance, the board can take you anywhere, which provides a 28.94 Max Speed, too. And it is single motor can go this far.

In this case, we decided to launch the Max2 Pro electric longboard.

On May 18(th), our factory sent us two Max2 Pro with the latest version, we invited some friends and parters, then we lunched it.

The Max2 Pro has three versions: Single Motor Version; Dual Motor Version; Off Road Version;

The dual motor version is showed and tested on the Hong Kong Electronics Show, it performances good.

The single motor version is the latest version, which is more than enough for basic need.

The off road version will come out soon. All three versions are switchable. All you need is another or off road motors. Also the cost won’t cost you much.

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