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Why We Don't Have Battery Reminder And Apps

Why We Don't Have Battery Reminder And Apps

March 08, 2017

Many of our customers always ask about battery reminder and apps which we don't have on our electric skateboard. In fact it is reasonable and good for better riding experiences.
max a board                         max b board

Max A and Max B are simple products. They are so easy and convenient to use, and for everyone, even you cannot skateboard. As long as you have an electric skateboard, you are capable of riding like a skateboarder and being cool.

Take me as an example, I start using skateboard six months ago, ride it all over the city, get used to the high speed and learning skateboard skills bit by bit. So I can use my normal skateboard now.

I got the first prototype of Max A, it already has an enough Max Mileage. Actually, I always get power left. Even so I still fully charge the board every day. That's our suggestion as well. Always make a fully charge before going outside. For some customers, you might need an extra battery.

 As for the remote, I usually charge it once a month. Trust me, it is OK. Never mind about it, you can use you mobile phone charger or computer to make the charge. Once the charge done, the red light turns off.

So you don't have to take an extra charger, people already have enough chargers. All you need for the remote is an android cable which is provided in the latest packages. 

battery reminder is bothered on iphone

Except the remote charger, we don't have battery reminder, so that our customers could leave the battery alone. 

Battery reminder is bothered and unnecessary. It produces anxiety, which is obvious for iPhone users. Some of my friends often check their iPhone, try to find out where is the power goes. So I never turn my power reminder on.

We use the basic plan on our board:

Low Power: Beeping And Flashing On The Board; Red Light On The Charger

Medium: No Flashing On The Board; Yellow Light On The Charger

Full power: No Flashing On The Board; Green Light ON The Charger

Ps: (Beeping exists when uphill or in bad road condition )


Without the power anxiety, we can focus more on our riding. 

apps are not reliable for electric skateboard

We have the same reason for apps.

Before my riding Max A, I got a hover board from XiaoMi. It has an app, but I installed it and never use. Never mind the issues happen sometimes.

Besides, electric skateboard is much faster than hover board, controlling by app is way too dangerous.   

On the other hand, an app will reduce power from both sides. The best example is apple watch. 

screenshot of apple watch

Above all, we make our electric skateboard simple to use. Simple means more. But battery reminder and apps might be available on our new products in the future. Please follow us and  keep attention to our blogs.


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