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Review Past

Review Past

November 15, 2016

Details for our first Facebook Events:

Hello folks, Maxfind electric skateboards are quite popular all over the world. And you are wanted for this cool product!

1) If you have Max1 electric skateboard, please take cool videos for the electric skateboard and then send us the links after uploading on Youtube.
2) We will send the winners including free electric skateboard, T-Shirt, helmet, knees and elbow protective clothing, and coupons.
3) We will collect the most wonderful videos and apply them in our advertising videos.
4) We will show the list of winners and the gifts at the end of Oct and send the gifts as soon as possible.
5) Requirements for the video
Time : 2-5 mins.
Recommended Places: Beautiful and bright places
Pixel requirements: 720p-4k.
6) First prize : electric skateboard.
Second prize: Maxfind elbow and knee clothing
Third prize: Maxfind T-Shirt
Come and take your videos!
Our prizes are waiting for you!

We will run Free Board Giving monthly, follow us for more information


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