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Why Don't I Use My Own Product

March 18, 2017

There is a question always bothering us, when we are selling something. "Do you use your own products?"

It is a tough question, if you are selling electric skateboard and you are not able to skateboard


man holding electric skateboard

But my answer is no, I’m using my competitor’s.


An electric skateboard with wireless remote controller is perfect for riding, and you don't have to be a professional skateboarder. Just wear helmet and protective clothing, push the button and go.



I rode a Max A electric skateboard for six month, and I love to use it very much. Thanks for that riding, I can do skateboarding now. But I start to ride some electric skateboards from other manufacturers recently. It feels like seeing things from other people's eyes.


For example, the board with a carbon fiber deck is much heavier than our maple deck. It is strong, but not flexible like maple. So, when you hit some rocks on the road, the vibration becomes stronger which is really dangerous, especially electric skateboards are fast. Except that, your legs will get numb. That means shockproof is necessary for an electric skateboard, too.


After that, controlling. Normally, a longboard is more stable than a short one. So, an electric fish skateboard is hard to control. I tried a fast one, feels like dancing on the fire. So, I don't suggest beginners to try electric skateboard with high speed. To make it safe, a speed limitation is necessary. 


On the other hand, dual motors are more stable than one board with single motor. The boards I am riding all electric skateboard with single motor.


In fact, they are pretty good for riding. Everything's fine, except the controlling. Sometimes the motor get slip especially on braking. If you make a rush braking on them, you might fall. So always push slowly will makes you safer. 


Lastly, belt. You may not want an electric skateboard with belt. Last week, my workmate Lucien, made a habit push to the remote while he's standing in metro and carrying an electric skateboard with belt. The motor start to run fast, his pants entangled in the belt. Fortunately, he stopped in time.


So, if you get an electric skateboard with belts, please do remember closing the remote when you are not riding it. Or somebody might get hurt.


Anyway, all those results make me like my Max A better. It is a longboard, has flexible maple deck, two powerful motors and without belts. Everything is perfect. 


I am gonna use my own product back after my testing. 


We should use our own products, so we can understand like customers.


One step further, we should use the products they choose, so that we can improve ours.


Great products are always growing and improving. 



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