CES Asia 2019 opens tomorrow

CES Asia 2019 opens tomorrow

June 10, 2019

The most influential consumer technology event in Asia, CES Asia 2019 opens tomorrow. Here are a few logistics pointers to help you make the most of your CES Asia experience.


 DAY 1 Keynotes

Mark your calendar for the Day-1 keynotes, all taking place at Kerry Hotel, Level 3, Shanghai Ballroom 2-3. Keynotes are free to registered CES Asia attendees.

9:30 AM: Huawei’s AI Technology and Strategy for the Future, featuring Shao Yang, Chief Strategy Officer, Huawei Consumer Business Group

1:30 PM: Hyundai Motor Company’s Vision for the Future of Mobility, featuring Kyounglim Yun, EVP and Head of Open Innovation Strategy Division, Hyundai Motor Group

4 PM: Audi’s Vision in Transforming Mobility from a Driving Experience to a Digital Adventure, featuring Thomas Owsianski, President, Audi China


DAY 1 Conference Sessions

You can find many interesting topics among Day-1 conference sessions including “Fashion + Tech = Innovation” (11:15 AM-12:15 PM), “China’s New Technology and Changing Vehicle Market” (11:15 AM-12:15 PM), “Overview of China’s Technology Market” (2-2:45 PM),  “Intelligent Devices in Asia: Consumer Habits and Attitudes” (3-3:45 PM).  Check out the full conference schedule for more detail.  Upgrade your conference pass so you don’t miss any valuable sessions.


 DAY 1 Events

Take a break from walking on the show floor and come explore some exciting events at the N2 Stage, SNIEC, Hall N2, Booth #2384. Living in Digital Times presents a series of events including “Master Class in VR and 360 Degree Animation”, “What’s My Blockchain” and “Robots on the Runway”. Stop by also at the CES Asia Innovation Awards Showcase, presented by Data 100, to view the honored products, or at the Startup Park Stage for startup presentations, both located in SNIEC, Hall W5.


DAY 2 Keynotes

All keynotes are taking place at Kerry Hotel, Level 3, Shanghai Ballroom 2-3, and free to registered CES Asia attendees.

9:30 AM:Horizon Robotics’ Advancements in Edge Computing and the Company’s Strategy for Future AI Applications

featuring Dr. Chang Huang, Co-Founder and VP, Horizon Robotics

1:30 PM: Technology Innovation in Travel and Tourism

featuring Wong Hong, President, Greater China and Singapore, Delta Air Lines and Helen Huang, President, Greater China, MSC Cruises

4 PM: Wacom’s Vision for The Future of Digital Ink and the Company’s Innovative Solutions in Extended Reality (XR)

featuring Nobu Ide, President and CEO, Wacom


DAY 2 Conference Sessions

Here are a few highlights of the Day-2 conference sessions: “Trends Reshaping the Future of Mobility and Connectivity” (10:30-11:10 AM), “When Health Tech Meets Lifestyle” (10:45 AM-12:30 PM), “Smart Home Developments in the AIoT Era” (2-5 PM) and “Consumer-Oriented Martech” (3-4 PM). Check out the  Day 2 conference schedule for more details.  Upgrade your conference pass so you don’t miss any emerging trends.


DAY 2 Events

More exciting events to attend after the first eventful day. Here is a short list at a glance. Check out the Day 2 event schedule for more detail.

  • Best of CES Asia Awards (1-2 PM), presented by ZOL

  • CONNECTED Fashion! By Spinali Design (10-10:30 AM), presented by Living in Digital Times

  • Robots on the Runway (11:30 AM-NOON; 3-3:30 PM), presented by Living in Digital Times

  • FashionWare: A Celebration of Technology-Enhanced Fashion (1:30-2 PM and 4-4:30 PM), presented by Living in Digital Times


Where to Go on the Show Floor

This year the exhibiting areas have been expanded from 5 to 6 halls. The newly added Hall W5 is devoted to Startup Park. Halls N4 and N5 are where you can find exhibits in vehicle technology. You can find audio, video and mobile exhibits in Hall N1, health, smart home and wearables products in Hall N2, and VR/AR, AI, and Robotics products in Hall N3. Visit the outdoor exhibit area to Experience holoride’s immersive VR entrainment technology in an Audi A8L fleet and check out Inceptio Technology’s autonomous driving technologies for trucks. Use the Online Exhibitor Directory to plan your visits.


Data 100

Data100-AI Data Collection Services. We focus on providing the most secure and professional dataset collection services for the top AI research and development organizations committed to advancing human progress through artificial intelligence in the world. www.data100.com.cn


Not yet registered? Register now via CES Asia official WeChat Service account: CESAsia_II or click “Read more” to register online. Scan the QR code below to follow our WeChat Subscription account for daily show recaps. We hope you all have a great CES Asia 2019. See you tomorrow.   


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January 17, 2020

Happy New Year! It’s 2020 now, right, so now here we are, The Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday is coming! We will have a quite long Holiday, a 20 days holiday, from 11th Jan 2020 to 10th Feb 2020.  

You might say ‘what?’ i might say Yeah, our Assembly department been hard-working for the past year, day to night, catching up with order testing and improving, and prepare more stock for fast shipping. The after-sale department had been always trying their best to help our customers to solve problems they met, Shipping department colleagues need to keep asking the newest update from the carrier, make sure every skateboard can arrive at their destinations safely in time. We thank them for what they did in the past year, 2019, thank you Maxfin families!

We know you might still get some questions, so Let’s us answer you by Q&A:



Q: When will you ship my skateboard if I order during your Holidays? I’m from the U.S by the way.
A: We will ships, as usual, the order will be arranged to be ship out within 1-2 business days from our U.S warehouse by UPS or FedEx.


Q: When will you ship my skateboard if I order during your Holidays? My shipping address locates in France. (or other Europe countries we can ship to)
A: Orders need to wait until February 1st to arrange your order delivery.


Q: When will you ship my skateboard if I order during your Holidays? I’m from Australia(or other countries we don’t have warehouse )
A: Orders need to wait until February 1st to arrange your order delivery.


Q: When will you ship my order if I ordered parts or accessories?
A: Orders need to wait until February 1st to arrange your order delivery.


Q: Why you don’t arrange to ship from 23th Jan to 30th Jan?
A: During the holiday, all of our colleagues need to take turns to arrange shipment Because we hope all of our colleagues can spend the most important 7 days with their own family, so we don’t arrange any shipment in these 7 days, we will start to arrange shipment again on 31st Jan.


6. Q: Will skateboard out of stock? 

A: There is such a possibility, we will build and ships when we back to work if your skateboard order was out of stock.



Q: When will you reply to my questions? My ticket number is #14xxx, thanks.

A: Our after-sale colleagues will reply to your ticket on 1th Feb, if there are too many tickets, we might need 1-2 more days to reply you, we hope you can understand, thanks in advance!


Thank you again for your understanding, Happy new year to you and your family!

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