MAXFIND electric skateboards are popular all over the world, Chinese hardware technology entrepreneurs will usher in high light moments

MAXFIND electric skateboards are popular all over the world, Chinese hardware technology entrepreneurs will usher in high light moments

June 18, 2019

Reporter: Economic Observer, Chen Yifan

Interviewed: MAXFIND CEO, Liu Haibing

Interview address: CES ASIA exhibition site


The low-tech manufacturing industry, which has been engaged in the "smile curve" for a long time, made China a "world factory" in the 1990s. The accumulation in this industrial chain is that China still becomes the network center of the "world factory", even if wages rise, China's labor productivity is still much higher than that of Southeast Asian countries such as India and Vietnam. According to a study by Wharton Morris Cohen, labor productivity is expected to increase by 6% to 7% per year by 2025.

For Liu Haibing, who also participated in the Zhijiang Business Creation Experience Camp of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, China's long-term accumulation in low-tech manufacturing has given his company a great advantage over Europe and America in terms of cost and iteration cycle.

Maxfind electric skateboard is Liu Haibing's entrepreneurial project. He just released a new product of Maxfind at the exhibition, which has been innovated in terms of battery life and structure.

electric longboards

At the beginning of the business, Liu Haibing determined that his user group is a group of heavy skateboard users who would really be used to travel, rather than just playing and playing. However, he believes that the small benefit of the user community is that it can be targeted to improve performance based on the feedback of these heavy users, making the product more mature. Moreover, the hub motor used by it is a thing that has matured in recent years, which makes the industry including balance car, electric four wheel and electric skateboard still in its infancy. When the market is not mature, it is more conducive to the competition between enterprises in the industry.

In this new product, the power of the supply chain is reflected. In the development process, a total of 30 sets of molds were polished, and more than 30 factories were to be worked together to help them complete the details. In the motor part, they need to find a professional motor factory to complete the R&D design and structural update of the production. In Liu Haibing's view, although the electric skateboard market started in Europe and the United States, due to the rapid iteration of products, the performance level of China's current electric skateboard products has been flat with foreign countries and will even catch up. “We have iterated 5 products in 4 years, and some international electric skateboard companies may not have a new product in 3 years, or just some micro-innovations in the original products.”

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Cheung Kong Business School's intellectual entrepreneurship MBA technology partner - Songshan Lake Robot Industry Base promoter, Dajiang Innovation Chairman, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Li Zexiang once described the Pearl River Delta's supply chain advantage: "The iteration speed here is 10 in the United States. Times, our cost is one-tenth of them. This is our biggest competitive advantage."

The story of MAXFIND, in fact, has been staged in the DJI drone.

At one time, several Berkeley students raised $45 million to make handheld drones, but it was too late to mass-produce, because it’s a handheld UAV product that requires at least hundreds of parts, each part Look for two or three suppliers, each of which must communicate two or three times. Not to mention the time cost of transportation from the United States to China, the possibility of thundering among suppliers is also great. In the end, Dajiang made the drone, and Lily paid a price of nearly 200 million US dollars. The advantage of the supply chain is that there is a high probability of stepping on the “mine” in the process of finding suppliers. Li Zexiang once said, “Looking for suppliers in small shops on the streets of Shenzhen, 9 out of 10 small shops have problems, and the probability of stepping on mines is 500%.”

"In the past 4 years, we have stepped on the thunder that has been stepped on, and almost none of them have fallen." Liu Haibing said. For example, in the case of a battery alone, an electric skateboard requires a high-rate battery, secondly requires stability, and needs to be well matched to the motor. If you can't find a suitable battery, the electric skateboard of a container will be sent to the United States. It may take half a year after the battery is dead. The reason for the details may be that one of the chips does not use a brand of chips, so the problem of discharge will occur. The problem of such details may result in the recycling of an electric skateboard for a container.

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There are also motors, and now Liu Haibing has iterated to the fifth motor, the speed is getting faster and faster, and today their products can climb 35% of the slope. However, if the power is very strong, after running very fast, the heat dissipation problem will be very serious, it may burn to the customer's hand, or bring some problems such as the melt deformation of the tire skin. Therefore, in the process of solving the speed, it is also necessary to The temperature is controlled, which requires a lot of testing, such as changing the diameter, thickness, length, etc. of the copper wire.


Production cost, time cost and opportunity cost are the “killers” that Liu Haibing seems to compete with competitors in the international market. Because of the previous run-in, “I may be able to run all my supply chains in two weeks, supply chain. It's very cumbersome, it can't be solved once, it needs repeated collisions, tests, feedback and adjustments." Opportunity cost, a seemingly simple product, the actual complexity is very high, from the motherboard to the motor to the algorithm, there are high standards It means constant innovation and iteration, testing in many dimensions, and if there is no high-frequency communication with the team and the corresponding manufacturers, it may be flawed in a certain detail.

"In the fifth year, I think our situation can be very optimistic." At the end of the interview, Liu Haibing stepped on his skateboard and slid toward his booth. In the morning, many domestic and foreign users came to communicate with them. Importers who have the technology, channels or similar products showed great interest in their products.

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