MaxFind Max 2 Electric Skateboard Unboxing & Review

MaxFind Max 2 Electric Skateboard Unboxing & Review

October 24, 2018

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Recently I want to buy an electric skateboard to go to work. There are a lot of products on the market, of course, I have to choose a cost-effective product. Finally, I watched the board of this brand for several days.


Reason for selection:

The reason for the selection is very simple, although the brand does not seem to be a big brand, it is good to see the price and evaluation.



Personal needs to buy:

It can run for 30km, the price is about $500~600, the car is beautiful in style, shockproof, fast, portable and light.



The product meets my needs:

The above mentioned are basically satisfactory except for the light, the car has a weight of 6.5 kg.


Endurance problem:

It is true that the goods can run for 30km. It is necessary to run at full power, and the speed is 30 or more in low-end situations.



Speed problem:

The speed is divided into low speed and high speed, the low speed is moderate, the starting is very stable, and the high speed is very fast.


Weight problem:

I have already weighed 6.5 kilograms of weight. The portable aspect is not very good. After all, there are two motors. If the girl is concerned, it may be necessary to consider whether the weight problem is within your expectation. For boys are basically no problem.



Quality issues:

There is no doubt that the quality and workmanship are full marks, the warranty policy is also very good, there are repair points in the local, very convenient.


safe question:

The brakes are very sensitive, and the high-speed brakes have some sudden brakes.


Suspension problem:

I can't say this well. After all, it is of course smooth to take the road. However, it is necessary to consider the sidewalks. The sidewalks are also a lot of bricks. This specificity does not make much evaluation.


After-sales problems:

After-sales are very hot and conscience, so don't worry about this. Everyone is dissatisfied with doing business and can solve it, and don't be too embarrassed.


Summary & personal dissatisfaction:

Overall, the board used for a week is very good, the most favorite is the grid, the grid is very unique, the sandpaper is also very careful, do not grind hands, listen to customer service said to use special materials. The only downside is that it is not light enough.




Road safety issues are added:

On the road, pay attention to low speed, safety is the most important. There are some sudden brakes in the high-speed brakes, and the low-speed mode should be adjusted as much as possible.


Very satisfied with my electric skateboard, I couldn't help but take another video:



A skateboard worth recommending:





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