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Max Rack Unboxing Review

Max Rack Unboxing Review

December 01, 2017

For skaters, it is a good idea to display all your boards on the wall, like a Museum. It is way better than put it on the ground or anywhere in your room. Then you need Max Rack.

Max Rack is the best solution for placing all kinds of skateboards, no matter you have a normal skateboard or electric skateboard. You can even put your hat or guitar on it.

all kinds of boards displaying on the wall

Max Rack has two types of packages, one for one board, another one for three boards.

two packages for Max Rack

Open the box, you will see the user manual first, it will show you how to install the Max Rack.

The Racks are well placing, you can see its details through the cover.

Take all the things out, it is quite simple.

Max Rack is now selling on all channels of MaxFind.



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