MaxFind Max 2. The world’s first diamond cut electric skateboard? An in-depth review.

MaxFind Max 2. The world’s first diamond cut electric skateboard? An in-depth review.

November 15, 2018

How do you make noise in the electric skateboard market? By providing a board that offers power, great handling, a solid range, acceleration/speed, easy to carry, and offers a smooth comfortable ride. All at a starting retail price of $499. The board we’re talking about is the MaxFind Max 2.

There are a ton of electric skateboards to choose from, the more popular ones being the Boosted Plus, and the Evolve Bamboo GTX. But not everyone wants to sell their soul for a board, especially if you don’t ride religiously. The Boosted Plus retails for $1,400 and the Evolve Bamboo GTX starts at a whopping $1,800 (depending on the wheel setup and style board you choose.)

There are many other options on the market, many of which are cheap quality and a waste of money and time (trust me don’t buy a board like the $250 Urban 17” portable electric skateboard on Amazon.) But right in between cheap and expensive, is a board that runs like it’s expensive. The MaxFind electric skateboard.

It comes in 3 different styles:

  • Single Motor
  • Dual Motor
  • Dual Motor Pro

For this review, we’ll be covering the single motor version, since it’s the cheapest option available, and we believe it the best offer for your hard earned money. Let’s get started!


Weighing in at 12 pounds, the MaxFind electric skateboard is very lightweight compared to boards of it’s size at 31 inches. The deck itself is made of Polyurethane Plastic and Fiberglass and is covered completely with a new generation of rubber anti-slip sandpaper. The material is extremely grippy but is soft on the skin to prevent scraping of the skin, just in case you ever take a spill on the board.

Overall it gives a great feeling of control and placement to the deck. The underside of the board is beautiful. Smooth finish with a design made to appeal, it’s unlike other electric skateboards. The precision of the board and deck is due to the fact it is the first diamond cut electric skateboard.

MaxFind says it’s a tribute to Cadillac, inspired by the automobiles diamond-cut design which can be seen from the side, the tail or the back. In order to create such a light and delicate body texture and edge design, the Max 2 uses a high-strength synthetic composite material making the board very solid. The wheels are your typical 90mm and can easily be changed out with the multifunctional tool that comes with your purchase of the board. The deck can also easily be swapped out as well.

The battery on the board is a 4.4Ah 36V lithium-ion that allows the motor to produce 1000 watts and only has a two hour charge time. It is also one of the few electric skateboards which can be taken on airplane! The board is FAA approved for air travel so no need to worry about having it confiscated at security.


The MaxFind electric skateboard is a very capable board. Able to hold someone of 265 pounds, and has a top rated speed of 19mph (varies per rider weight and road conditions.) It has a stunning range of 16 miles. Just a little tip for you guys. Electric skateboard companies generally test the range of their on the highest speed setting. If you wish to increase your range or ride longer, put the board in a lower speed mode, and you’ll find that you can push the (MaxFind) board 25 miles or more, much past the manufacturer’s suggested distance. This doesn’t just go for the MaxFind, this goes for every single battery powered board.

Hill climbing is always a valuable test to see the power of a boards motor. I recently purchased a mini electric skateboard with a 150-watt motor… the board didn’t even budge on the slightest incline. That being said the Maxfind Max 2 has no problem climbing up steep hills. With the single motor version, you’re guaranteed to glide up to 25% incline hills. And if you truly need more power both Maxfind dual motor versions can climb up on a 35% incline.

MaxFind states the Max 2 is IP65 water resistant, meaning it can definitely get wet and you have no problem treading through puddles. That being said, I would not completely submerge it underwater. The diameter of the motor is 90mm. On Maxfind’s website, they state “…imported magnetic steel sheets and pure copper coil are used for the 1000w motor. The movement efficiency and torque are improved by more than 35% under the optimization of the new winding process. In order to improve the heat dissipation performance of the air convection cooling system as a whole, the engine is designed as a honeycomb aluminum sheet to improve the heat dissipation effect.” Talk about a mouthful. No wonder the underside of the board is so sexy!

Another important note to look at when purchasing an electric skateboard is the remote. MaxFind's Bluetooth wireless remote is high quality, feels sturdy, offers forward/reverse gear control, and an auto cruise feature (so you don’t have to hold down the stick all the time); which is not seen on many electric skateboards. Overall, this remote is comparable to many other top brands remotes such as Meepo and Boosted.

I’m ready to buy! What’s in the box?

When you purchase your board, you'll receive...

  1. MaxFind Max 2 Electric Skateboard – Fully charged and ready to ride

  2. Bluetooth remote and sling

  3. Universal wall charger

  4. USB charger cable - for charging the Bluetooth remote

  5. All-in-one multi-function tool - for board and wheel maintenance.

  6. Instruction manual 

Comparison to other boards


Here are few other top of the line boards out there and how the MaxFind Max 2 stacks up against them. As you can see it is up there with the cheapest models, but pushes performance with the most expensive boards!


MaxFind's reviews and customer service rating are all positive.

Some people fear that if you don't invest $1000 into a board or more, you'll be left disappointed. Not the case with MaxFind. The board has been proven to last and keeps on riding. There is a 6 month warranty on the board, just in case you ever run into any problems.

Conclusion and where to buy

As with all electric skateboards, there are a ton of benefits! Bypass city gridlock, fly by public transit, environmentally friendly, portability, never wait for taxi or uber to arrive, and they are a ton of fun to ride! Maxfind Max 2 is a very underrated board, and one that is certainly worth your money, especially considering the other more expensive options on the market. As of right now the dual motor version is rated number eight in the top 15 electric skateboards out on the market. If you are interested in purchasing the MaxFind Max 2 electric skateboard you can get all three versions here on our website. We are 100% an authorized dealer and if you buy right now we will ship out the same day of your order! Thanks for reading and happy gliding!

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January 17, 2020

Happy New Year! It’s 2020 now, right, so now here we are, The Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday is coming! We will have a quite long Holiday, a 20 days holiday, from 11th Jan 2020 to 10th Feb 2020.  

You might say ‘what?’ i might say Yeah, our Assembly department been hard-working for the past year, day to night, catching up with order testing and improving, and prepare more stock for fast shipping. The after-sale department had been always trying their best to help our customers to solve problems they met, Shipping department colleagues need to keep asking the newest update from the carrier, make sure every skateboard can arrive at their destinations safely in time. We thank them for what they did in the past year, 2019, thank you Maxfin families!

We know you might still get some questions, so Let’s us answer you by Q&A:



Q: When will you ship my skateboard if I order during your Holidays? I’m from the U.S by the way.
A: We will ships, as usual, the order will be arranged to be ship out within 1-2 business days from our U.S warehouse by UPS or FedEx.


Q: When will you ship my skateboard if I order during your Holidays? My shipping address locates in France. (or other Europe countries we can ship to)
A: Orders need to wait until February 1st to arrange your order delivery.


Q: When will you ship my skateboard if I order during your Holidays? I’m from Australia(or other countries we don’t have warehouse )
A: Orders need to wait until February 1st to arrange your order delivery.


Q: When will you ship my order if I ordered parts or accessories?
A: Orders need to wait until February 1st to arrange your order delivery.


Q: Why you don’t arrange to ship from 23th Jan to 30th Jan?
A: During the holiday, all of our colleagues need to take turns to arrange shipment Because we hope all of our colleagues can spend the most important 7 days with their own family, so we don’t arrange any shipment in these 7 days, we will start to arrange shipment again on 31st Jan.


6. Q: Will skateboard out of stock? 

A: There is such a possibility, we will build and ships when we back to work if your skateboard order was out of stock.



Q: When will you reply to my questions? My ticket number is #14xxx, thanks.

A: Our after-sale colleagues will reply to your ticket on 1th Feb, if there are too many tickets, we might need 1-2 more days to reply you, we hope you can understand, thanks in advance!


Thank you again for your understanding, Happy new year to you and your family!

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