Powerful Electric Skateboard for daily transportation in city

Powerful Electric Skateboard for daily transportation in city

March 13, 2019 1 Comment


Electric motors are in almost everything — bikes, scooters, cars. But one of the most fun things to ride is an electric skateboard these days. And as this market has grown over the last few years, some of them have gotten so good that they’re actually practical to use every day.

We’ve seen a dramatic change in technology in nearly everything we use. Even the skateboards you used to push or drag with your feet and perform a stunt. Technology is made, implement and then pushed towards excellence.

If you live in a city, you can use electric skateboards in place of other transportation options.

If you want a good, reliable electric skateboard that’s both fun and will get you to where you’re going, the choice is actually pretty obvious. A good electric skateboard needs to have more than just a few miles of range. It should be fast — not just because that’s fun, but because you need that speed to get around obstacles in a hurry. On the flip side, electric skateboards also have to be able to stop quickly and reliably, too.


Maxfind new arrival Max 2 is a nice board measuring 31-inches with quite big wheels

It is a fast board, powered by dual motors reaching a top speed of 23 mph in no time. However, the speed may vary depending on your weight

The max weight capacity allowed is 265 pounds and is specifically designed for those who ride on long routes.

Because longer ride needs a longer battery backup, it uses high-quality lithium-ion batteries that require only 2 hours and gives on average  16.2 miles.

The board is also waterproof, and IP65 certified to withstand all weather conditions. Whether it be dust, water, snow or wind, your board’s quality won’t decline.

It has a max climbing angle of 30 degrees, which I think is impressive and reaches a top speed of 23 mph.

Overall, it has a nice reputation for a pretty impressive performance on the road. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Learn more from https://www.maxfindboards.com/products/electric-skateboard-max-2


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Grayson Hovorka
Grayson Hovorka

May 08, 2019

My board broke within a week of use i’ve been in contact with one of the worst customer service representatives ever. Please help me I would like to return my board

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