The cheap electric skateboard of Maxfind

The cheap electric skateboard of Maxfind

December 06, 2018

Humanity is now in the golden age of rideable technology. In recent years, motors have become more powerful, and batteries have higher power densities and are easier to access - the two trends have merged, there are almost too many rides to track, and every month they seem to change Going crazy. Therefore, in order to help you navigate the increasingly crowded market, we will list the cheap and cheap electric skateboards for you. Please enjoy!


Maxfind electric skateboard Max C

The cheapest

 Why you should buy this electric skateboard:  The Maxfind Max C is currently the most affordable electric skateboard.

 Why we chose the Max C: 

  • The injection-molding technology and unibody design made Max C as sleek and elegant as your favorite skateboard, but she is so much more. 
  • Its kick-tail deck shape and lightweight hub motor make it easy to go for a cruise, and do some tricks. 
  • Featuring a lightweight 8.1lbs/ 3.7kg design and a integrated handle at the head of the board, Max C's ergonomic design makes it easy to pick up, carry, and store
  • Powered by a high-performance brushless hub motor, Max C gives you strong brake, fast acceleration, and steep hill climbing.

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Maxfind electric skateboard Max A & Max B

The most portable longboard

Max AMax B

Why you should buy this electric skateboard:  The longboard provides the most portable, smoothest and most perfect riding experience.

Why we chose the Max A & B : 

  • The smallest and lightest electric longboard in the world! Only 4.9kg extremely portable for everyday commute and approved for air travel
  • The swappable battery allows you to go further
  • BEST WARRANTY--Full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects with ALL certifications including UL, CE, IP 65 waterproof and professional after-sales service
  • Remote control with 2 riding modes makes it safe and easy to ride even with zero experience; stiff deck flex increases stability at higher speed, and the max 1 cruiser board is your best way to carve pavement
  • With the max speed 28km/h(17mph) and max range 16km(10mile), the board is powerful enough for you to go everywhere

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Max A:

Max B:


Maxfind electric skateboard Max 2

Best commuter

 Max 2

Why you should buy this electric skateboard:  You will find it hard to find an electric skateboard that is both powerful and cost-effective.

Why we chose the Max 2: 

Max 2

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