The First Test For Max 2 Electric Longboard

The First Test For Max 2 Electric Longboard

May 11, 2018 3 Comments

The first rideable Max 2 appears on the HonKong Electronics Show in April of 2018. Many visitors tested it out and all enjoyed it riding experience. The local media also reported about it.

About two weeks back, we started our small batch production for Max 2 electric longboard. In this week, we got one board back for test.

So I did a test on last afternoon, and the result of it is amazing. First thing is first, I will put the data before my review.

Name: Frank
Weight: 63kg(139lbs)
Distance: 30.19km(18.76m)
Time: 94min
Max Speed: 28.94km/h(17.98m/h)
Average Speed: 19.14/km(11.89m/h)
Location: Parking Lot   
Road Condition: Cement Road
MotorSingle Motor   
Battery: SamSung

From the record, we can find the max mileage is longer than the max speed which is unusual. It is also makes the test much more harder, because you must keep riding the board for 94 minutes. So I was very tired after the test, especially my legs.

But it must be a good thing, when your electric board can go 20km. It means you can go anywhere. Besides, it is only a bit heavier than Max A, you can carry it easily.

Since we use a quick swap plan on the motors, we can easily switch the Max 2 from dual motors to single motors. What I tested is a single motor one, but nothing is different. The riding is good, the outcome is cool. In this point, we will have some different versions of Max 2. Our customers can choose the plans depend on their needs. Also, there would be an off road one.

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August 14, 2018

I am supposed to receive my Max 2 dual tomorrow. I am beyond excited, see you tomorrow Maxfind!

Vikas Pandey
Vikas Pandey

June 27, 2018

launch date, please. am considering buying Max A and want to see max 2 as well


May 23, 2018

when is the release date?

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