Canadian maple longboard deck two types electric longboard design DIY part

Skateboard deck blank design your own skateboard

  • Standard skateboard for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks, are perfect for the skateboarder that wants quality under his or her feet.
  • Ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro, it is a totally versatile skateboard deck that's perfect for street, pool, park and vert.
  • Size: 38inch*10inch


Soild & Durable

  • 100% 8 layers Canadian Maple.
  • It's rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for a staircase near you. A very strong board that holds shape for a long time.


Do It Yourself

  • Create your ability of hands and intelligence.
  • If you loving to painting or create, you can draw your inspiration on the skateboard deck, make it can store forever. Make a graffiter design and share it with your friends at any moment. 
  • Become one of the most popular style for all around street skateboarding style.


Become a Artwork

  • Tired of old-style furniture?
  • You can processed the skateboard deck into a swing, stool, bed table and a bookshelf etc. Use them to decorate your house, make it special and originality.
  • This is an another reason why choose a Skateboard Deck Blank, for designing your artwork however you want!


PS : The grip tape is not included. 


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