Maxfind Electric Skateboard Motor High Speed Drive Brushless Hub Motor


Type: Hub Motors

Maxfind Electric Skateboard High Speed Drive Brushless Hub Motor,Micro Self-balancing Intelligent Motor For Wheels





Motor wheel diameter: 90mm(1000W) / 70mm(500W)

Motor steering: Clockwise

Axial clearance: <=0.2mm

Lead line: 250mm

Tire width: 58mm

Motor shaft material: AL

Total length of the shaft: 58mm

Bearing specifications: Z4

Bearing performance: Waterproof

Motor protection rating: IP55

Withstand voltage: 1000V ,3s

Daytime withstand voltage: 1000V, 3s

NoisedB(A): 25

Rated voltage: 36V

Controller current limit: 15 A±1A

Controller type: Sine wave control

No-load current (A): ≤0.6

No-load speed (rpm): 2850±4%/1650±4%

Rated current (A): ≤11 / 5

Rated speed (rpm): ≥2750 / 1300

Rated torque (N.m): ≥1.0

System maximum efficiency (%): ≥70

70% efficiency platform (N.m): 0.5-3.5 / 0.5-1.5

Torque @100rpm: ≥5 / 2.5

Torque @50rpm: ≥5 / 2.7

Maximum torque (N.m): ≥5 / 2.8



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