electric longboard e-skateboard penny board wireless remote controler Second version



Maxfind New Version Mini Wireless Remote Controller for All Maxfind Electric Skateboard


Produce discription 

The Remote Controlcan just fit for all Maxfind new version Electric Skateboards.


Remote control can be fully charged in 45 minutes.Then you can use it for 30 days.

This Remote Control has updated. If your previous Remote Control is same as this.You can use it. If not,you can just buy other Remote Control in our store.





Do not over charge the remote, or it will destroy the remote battery.

The remote will be in standby mode if the electric skateboard is off.(The remote will be connected again when the skateboard is on).

Please turn off the remote when non-use, or it will consume the remote battery and shorten the usage life of the remote battery.

Remote range is about 10 meters, and it will be unconnected over this limitation.

The skateboard would stop working once switching the direction mode, and it won’t be changed directions until the skateboard stops.

Please put on the official sling on the remote or the remote would be lost on your riding.



certification of Maxfind





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