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Maxfind electric skateboard FAQ



  • What is the max speed? What is the average distance? What is the max weight limit?

  • Max A&B

Max speed: 28km/h(17mph)( depends on user's weight and road situation )
Max Mileage :13km/8miles  (will affected by riders' weight, riding skills, speed, road, etc) 
Max Weight Limit: 100 KG/220lbs 


  •  Max C

Max speed:24km.h(15mph)( depends on user's weight and road situation )

Max Mileage : 16km/10miles  (will affected by riders' weight, riding skills, speed, road, etc)

Max Weight Limit: 80 KG/176lbs


  • Is the Maxfind board waterproof?

The Maxfind board is not waterproof. In testing, the board held up well when ridden on paths and roads with surface water, however, we advise users to avoid water. Water damage will void the warranty.


  • What’s the difference among Max - A , Max- B and Max C model?

The only difference between Max A and Max B is that the Maxfind A has a slim board without any built in handles. Maxfind B version has carrying handles cut into the board. This makes the Maxfind B board a bit wider than A. And the Max C board


  • How long will the battery last and how long to recharge?

While being used the battery will last about 40 minutes to 1 hour and will only take about 1 hour to fully recharge.


  • Does the board has regenerative braking?

Yes, it does , but this will save small energy which is used for heat energy while riding.


  • Is the battery fixed to the board? Or can it be removed and swapped out with fully charged battery? 

The lithium ion battery pack is on the underside of the skateboard. You simply plug the provided wall charger into the wall and then plug the other end into the battery pack on the underside of the skateboard. It only takes about an hour to fully charge.




  • How do I control the Maxfind boards?

The board comes with a wireless remote controller. You can accelerate by pushing the joystick up on the remote. Use your bodyweight to turn, like a traditional skateboard.


  • Does this go backward also?

Yes, the Maxfind Skateboard does indeed go forward and backward and is controlled by a wireless hand-held remote.


  • How do you change the speed modes?

There are two buttons on the remote, the left one is for changing direction forward and backward, the right one is for changing the speed mode fast and slow.


  • How do I slow down?

Brake by pulling back the joystick on the remote.


  • Are there speed modes on the Maxfind and how do I switch between them?

Yes, there are 2 modes: beginner mode up to 10km/h and sport mode up to 28km/h(17mph)(Max A&B) or 24km/h (15mph) (Max C)  You can switch between modes by pressing a button on the right side of the remote.


  • Can I make it go faster than the listed top speed?

We limit the speed to 22-28 km/h (17mph) for safety. Sorry we won’t raise this limit for anyone nor can you access the software in any way to change that yourself.


  • Can I ride the board uphill?

Yes, up to 20 degrees on Max A&B, up to15 degrees on Max C, depending on the rider's weight and road surface.


  • Can I do tricks on the board?

The board has been designed to cover distances quickly. Straight riding and carving are encouraged but tricks such as kickflips will be considered misuse and will void your warranty. But you can do some tricks on Max C, just make it safe.


  • Can you still use it if it runs out of battery like a normal skate board then get it back charged up?

Yes, you can absolutely continue to ride the Maxfind Skateboard after the battery dies. Once you manually skateboard home, you can just plug it back into the wall and within an hour the skateboard will be fully charged again.


  • How do I remove and replace the battery pack?

To remove the battery, first ensure that the board is turned off. Place the board upside down on a flat surface. Unscrew the locking screws on the battery cover,  Lift the battery to reveal the connector between the deck and battery pack and carefully pull the connector apart.

To insert a new battery pack, align the grooves on both ends of the connector (board & battery). Insert, push together, and twist the two ends of the connector. Ensure the connector lays flat within the groove of the board. Replace and tighten the screw again on the battery cover.

But it is different on Max C model, changing the battery pack will hurt the grip tape or electronics in it, we do not suggest to do that.


  • How to Footbrake a Longboard?

Knowing how to footbrake is a MUST learn skill for safety.

Reposition your front foot to point forward and bend your knee.

Face straight ahead and put your back foot out to the side of the board in line with the front foot.

Aim to touch the ground with your heel first; slowly apply pressure and roll your foot flat.

As you footbrake harder, don’t allow your foot to drift too far back or it will hit your rear wheel.

  • What is the code button on the remote for?
That button is for remote pairing.
You will need it in below situations:
a) Your remote was unpaired with your board. 
b) Pairing a new remote to replace the old one.
We suggest not to press the button, unless you have to.
If you press that button for a while and make the remote unpaired, here is a gudience video for you.
Scan the QR code, the video will solve your problem.




  • How do I order?

You can order from our official website, Alibaba website, Amazon store, Aliexpress store, eBay store, etc.

Distributors please contact us via


  • How do I obtain spare parts?

All spare, replacement, and service parts can be purchased directly from our online store or website, but our parts only fit our model, or the same size decks.


  • What's your delivery time?

Once we received your payment, the sample will be ready within 2 days, and shipment time depends on the way we ship. express for product with battery usually takes about 12-15 days, if bigger order we will do by air to airport or seaway to the port.

PS: we have warehouse in US, Belgium, Australia and German where we can arrange shipment directly. 


  • Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are Manufacturer of Maxfind electric skateboard, we have our own design team, Manufacturing team.


  • What's your MOQ?

MOQ for real order is 10 units. But at the beginning some samples are available.


  • Can I get a sample to check your quality?

Yes, sure, we can do sample order at the beginning, after you test it out, we will have your real order.


  • Can I custom my own logo/brand on the product?

Yes, we provide OEM services. for more details please talk with us directly.




  • How about After-sale service?

After order the goods, we will offer the best after-sale service for you. For example, offer the damageable parts, image or other details to you for your advertisement etc.


  • Do the Maxfind boards come with a warranty?

Yes, the Maxfind boards come with a 1-year warranty, which covers the motor, battery and remote. However, water damage or misuse will void the warranty.


  • How do I claim a warranty if I think the board is not operating properly?

Contact Maxfind and send us information and a picture or video. We will contact the manufacturer who will assess the case and send the part/s direct to the customer. The customer will only be expected to pay for postage. If the manufacturer assesses that the board has been misused the customer will need to pay for the part and postage.


  • Where I can get the control remote it if I lost or something happens with?

Buy another from us, we will tell you how to pair the remote with skateboard, or send the video for you.