maxfind electric skateboard in the sunshine

The World's Most Portable Electric Longboard

max a board with  luggage

Take our board to the flight

The smallest and lightest electric skateboard in the world! only 5.5KG Extremely portable for everyday commute!

man and woman with max B and Max C

Rugged To Go Anywhere

Good Reviews From Amazon

Max B story

Max B was published in 2016, its major selling starts on Amazon.

Now, it has collected many reviews from our customers.

We also get many feedback to keep Max B improving.

Some YouTube celebrities also join us, tested our boards.

Powerful Motors

Max Speed 28km/h(17mph), Max Range 12km(7mile)--Get around with incredible speed and range

Dual brushless hub motor 1000W----Powerful enough to go everywhere

what is inside hub motors

skateboard deck of Max A

8-ply Maple Deck---  Stiff deck flex increases stability at higher speed, Max load up to 120KG / 265 lbs 

Working On The Best Products

Woking On The Best Thoughts

Some New Products Is On Designing

Woking On The Best Qulity

We have some regular tests to our boards, including riding test and press test.

In fact, our team always uses our own products.

When new products come out, we and the members of Beta Testing Program always test first.


We provide one year warranty on every board.

The warranty covers nonhuman damages or quality issues.

With the help of our agents, we could help our customer out soon.

PayPal Golden Key Supplier

Maxfind is one of the PayPal’s Golden Key Suppliers,

which means you can trust us and our products,

and get much better customer services.