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  Official Authentic Guarantee

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Patented shock-absorbing foam core technology

Compared with ordinary PU tires, CLOUDWHEEL donuts can reduce vibrations.
With IWONDER CLOUDWHEEL donuts, you don't need to use other hub motor tires.
This is a major innovation in the history of in-wheel motor skateboards.


The tire is 15% larger than ordinary PU hub motors,
The ride is smooth and unimpeded.

Controllable deformation

Reduce the loss of range during riding with soft wheels, which may
deform when riding.

Curved wheels and unique tread

The curved tread design enables the skateboard to effectively ride at high speeds.
Increased the grip and slip resistance of the wheels.

Less vibration, better passability

Make your hub motor skateboard not only suitable for general urban roads, but also to conquer bumpy roads, potholes, and turf.
Ride comfortably on city roads, so that your feet are no longer numb and go where you want to go.

Growth rate

The 105mm Cloudwheel donuts can increase your maximum riding speed by 10%

Provide a variety of color options

We provide you with 4 colors, including red, blue, marmalade orange, and black.

Cloudwheel Donut can be used on HobbyWing hub motors.