Max 2 Series


Type: Max 2 Series


Product Parameters

Maxfind electric skateboard

Energetic Power  Strong Battery 

The same type of battery is used for Tesla. Intelligent BMS, Energy recovery. 20pcs battery cell, make it stands out among the peers, running 28km at a time.
electric skateboard

Excellent Performance  Strong Power

Big 90mm hub motor wheel, with strong 1000W power. Honeycomb (radial) heat dissipation aluminum sheet design, adding the heat dissipation area and improve the heat dissipation effect.

 Diamond Cutting

Diamond-cut design in deck back make it more eye-catching; Glassfiber+PP material, make it lighter , stronger and more environmental; Max 2 is only 31inch, help you save more space.

FOC Dual Mode: Sine wave processor

FOC sine wave drive architecture ESC and power system, the efficiency of the motor and ESC is increased by 30%. The EBS system makes it same comfort and safety as the ABS brake applied in a car .

Wireless Remote Controller

Ergonomically design of remote, more comfortable to grip. with enhanced wireless technology, supporting 2.4/5.8GHz FM dual-band. Speed / Direction / Cruise mode make you enjoy the black technology of the Cadillac sports car.



The main board and battery are completely installed into the integrated diamond board, and the motor is completely enclosed in the rear wheel.

Professional Truck

Designed in collaboration with Spanish designers, the AISIMg5 material for automotive trains is molded in a high-pressure casting mold to increase the compactness of the product and the sand hole ratio is less than 0.5%. 

New Generation of Rubber Anti-slip Sandpaper

PVC and PEA synthetic materials, make the sandpaper anti-skid, Skin-friendly, Recyclable, and Environmentally friendly, completely is different from traditional sandpaper.
MAX 2 Board - Ready to ride now
Bluetooth Remote and Sling
Universal Wall Charger - for charging the board
USB Connect Charger Cable - for charging the Remote
All-in-one Multi-function Tool
Instruct Manual


Note:The US warehouse now only has an inventory of orange wheels Max2 and Max2-Dark. European warehouses now only have stocks of black wheels Max2. The Max2 in Asia and Australia is issued by the Chinese warehouse, and the black and orange wheels are in stock. We usually ship from nearest warehouse, shipping time is about 5-7 days.