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Maxfind is optimistic about the future of living in cities. We are here to free you from urban congestion, and to inspire you to unlock the potential of your city.

The MAX4 is our most powerful skateboard. The MAX 4 has a powerful motor that cranks out a top speed of 40km/h, and a range of well far ahead of the competition thanks to its removable and easy swap batteries design. You can easily drive all day on just a single charge of your extra batteries.

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Go Anywhere With Unlimited Range

MAX 4 can get you anywhere you want to go—with the  industry-leading EASY SWAP BATTERIES design.Simply turn a Screw to open the lid and click in a new battery in seconds.And You'll get unlimited range

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Removable Battery Packs

Every LG Lithium Ion battery with custom BMS 4.4aH battery pack is fully recharged in 2 hours, providing a 20km/13miles range, or about typical days of urban commuting. Weighs only 1 kg(2.2lbs), Battery compartment quick release design, easily carry the new battery for in-home/office re-charging.

Strong and efficient new Dual Hub motors

Each component of the powertrain is precision engineered to provide 1500W power for easy climbs of 30%, No need to worry about slope when you on the street.The MAX4 effortlessly zips around urban streets, boulevards and alleys at 40km/h ,The new motor interface is connected to the motherboard cable for easy replacement. The cable management bayonet does not need to worry about the embarrassment during driving.

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Waterproof Motherboard

The innovative glue filling technology, super waterproof, safe and stable, dustproof, shockproof design, easy to deal with various complex environments, you don't have to worry when you drive it on the rainy road.Ability to run all day, easy to deal with complex road conditions.

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Ergonomic and Bluetooth control Remote

Perfect for any skill level, the remote has three ride modes. In Beginner Mode the board accelerates slowly and smoothly. Start where you're comfortable and grow from there. it also provides instant power and ultra smooth acceleration and braking performance, placing the ultimate in intuitive riding control in your hands.

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Newly widened truck to 270 mm

Improved handling and increased stability. Turning is more sensitive and easy to navigate. 8 layers of maple inner layer, plus carbon fiber coating, scratch-resistant surface, comfortable arc surface, more stable grip and improved shock absorption.

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Removable tire design

No fear of wear and tear, easy to replace. Motor aluminum alloy heat sink scale, blade shape design, the maximum possible temperature to take away during driving, cooling to give the motor better performance.

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EASY SWAP BATTERIES: No tools required. Simply turn a Screw to open the lid and click in a new battery in seconds.

BATTERY: 4.4AH LG Lithium-Ion battery with custom BMS

RANGE: Go up to  20km/13miles with Standard Range, Up to 40km/26miles with Long Range, Up to  60km/40miles with Super Range

RANGE TEST: Based on a rider weighing 70kg/160lbs traveling across a flat surface. The range is impacted by rider weight, terrain, ambient temperature, and aggressiveness of ride.

MOTORS: Dual Rated Power: 500 watt x2(Max Power: 1000watt x2) hub In-Wheel Motors motors.(NOT BELT DRIVE MOTOR)

TOP SPEED: Dual motor approx 40km/h / 25mph . Speed will reduce as voltage decreases.

DECK: Super Flex composite deck with a Carbon Fiber coating

DECK LENGTH: 38 Inches / 96.5cm

WHEEL BASE: 32 Inches / 82cm

TRUCKS: CNC Precision Machined And Made By AISIMg5(11 Inches / 27cm width)

WHEELS:  Stratus 90mm wheels deliver the highest roll speed

REMOTE: Ergonomic and Bluetooth control. Control your speed with comfort and ease.

WEIGHT: 7.5 kg/16.5LBS

MAX LOAD: 100 kg / 220 lbs

HILLS: Climb a 30% grade with speed and ease.

CHARGE TIME: 120 minutes.

BRAKING: Regenerative recharging and reliable. Come to an ultra smooth stop at any speed.

SUITABLE TERRAIN: smooth bitumen roads/footpaths/concrete.


What’s in the box?

MAXFIND MAX 4 Skateboard

MAXFIND Bluetooth control Remote

MAXFIND Fast charger