maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard
Limited Time Offer Set $30 OFF‎

Maxfind - Max4 Pro Series

$619.00 USD
$649.00 USD

For Long Distance Rides‎

  Up to 26 mph / 42 km

  Up to 15 Miles / 25 km

  Big Wheel (96mm)

  Up to 30% Grade

  270 Days Warranty

  Official Authentic Guarantee

  Arrive in 3-5 Days (Shipping From USA)

For Long Distance Rides

With M5 hub motor, the MaxFind Max4 Pro can achieve excellent performance and perfect riding, while speed can reach to 26mph/42kmph. Replaceable battery design makes the battery replaced within 10 seconds. MaxFind Max4 PRO is designed to provide batter riding experience for long-distance commuting.

SpecsMax4 Pro Series
SpeedUp to 26 Mph / 42 kph
Standard RangeUp to 15 Miles / 25 km 
+1  Energy 4.4 RangeUp to 30 Miles / 50 km ↑
+2 Energy 4.4 RangeUp to 45 Miles / 75 km ↑↑
Easy Swap BatteriesNo tools required. Simply turn a latch and click in a new battery in seconds.
Hub Motor PowerHigh Torque Dual 750 Watts *2  
Hub Motor Torque5 Nm x2
Hill ClimbingUp to 30% Grade
Battery Power158.4 Wh Samsung Lithium Ion with custom BMS
Board Weight16 Ibs / 7.2 kg
Deck Materia8 Ply Maple with Carbon fiber printing
Deck Length38 Inch / 97 cm
Dimensions38(L),10.6(W),5(H) inch / 97,27 ,13 cm
Trucks10.6 Inches / 270 mm width CNC Precision Machined
Ride Modes4 Safe Riding Modes (Beginner/ Eco/Fast/Max)
Braking SystemElectronic Regenerative Braking
Wheels96 mm
Remote Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote with OLED
Charging Time120 min
Max Load220 Ibs / 100 kg

high-performance M5 Hub Motor

Equipped with Maxfind M5 dual Hub motor driving ,Max4 PRO series is safer and more compact. It offers a smoother and quieter ride with a top speed of 26 mph, and provide a superb manipulation in different conditions.

M5 Hub motor has an incredible transformation efficiency of 85% to ensure an excellent acceleration and longer range.


Three 10S Steps To Replace The Battery And Restart The Journey Of Discovery

Max4 PRO Series has an advanced detachable battery design, The extra long battery life makes for a better riding experience with a balance of range requirements, The leading easy-release battery design concept will be the great choice for you. The convenient battery indicator will make sure you are never caught off-guard.


SAMSUNG Battery Pack 4.4

MaxFind Energy 4.4 has an incredible endurance by applying Samsung Lithium Ion battery of 158.4Wh with custom BMS. This battery has the capacity up to 4400mAH, and the maximum mileage up to 15 miles. Charge in 120 minutes! just use a UL fast charger! It also has a longer life with the efficient electrical core that supports more than 800 charges.

· Standard Range (Up to 15 Miles/25 Km)

· +1 Energy 4.4 Range (Up to 30 Miles/50 Km)

· +2 Energy 4.4 Range (Up to 45 Miles/75 Km)


Four Riding Modes Go From Beginner-Friendly

Hall style with graduated throttle rollers for your convenience. Four gear settings make for a friendly experience. Can switch directions and cruise at fixed speed. High-definition OLED screen with intelligent reading of rich riding data.
Fixed Speed Road Ruise makes the manipulation more comfortable.


20% Reduction In Power Consumption & 26% Performance Improvement

Precisely adjusted power output for linear and smooth acceleration and braking performance. This electric board, therefore, provides extremely smooth acceleration or deceleration while you ride. To give you a better riding experience.


ESC IPX7, Hub Motor IP65, Battery IP65

Innovative glue filling technology of ESC, rapid removal and waterproof ring structure of Hub motor, the semi-circular reinforcement and waterproof of battery pack. Each component has the well-founded waterproof, dustproof and shockproof . Cooperating with the integration design of the board unique to Maxfind, it offers you a safer riding in more road conditions.

Aviation Aluminum Alloy Battery Pack

Removable Design, scratch-resistant coating

One-time precision manufacture with high strength extrusion,gives a better heat radiation , impact resistance, and also a great appearance!


The custom-designed 45° degree bevel is more stable at high speed.The unique slot design of the PU seat has a more exact limit on the highly elastic PU, giving the corners more support. The scratch-resistant coating with exclusive formula enhances the texture. High-precision forged, the impact resistance of the truck is increased by 50%.

Enjoy the ride with Oversized Wheel

96MM, 78A, Comfort and Fast

25% larger than standard booster wheels, purposed-built for tough riding conditions, increased diameter allows you to ride across large cracks, turf and even railway and tramway. Don’t be afraid to ride over those tracks! From now on, focus on the road forward without worrying about any cracks and jolts!

Removable Cover Tyre of Hub Motor

IP65 Waterproof, Scale Heat Sink Design, Easy Replacement Design

Resolve the worrying problem of tire wear with a really easy dissembling structure design. You could freshen your motor up just by undoing five screws with the tools provided.


1. New Max4 Pro Electric Skateboard  

2. OLED Bluetooth Remote

3. Super Fast UL Charger

4. T Skate Tool

5. Remote Control Charger

6. Remote Control Lanyard

7. Charging Cable

8. User Manual

9. (Long Range Edition) With One Extended Battery

10. (Super Range Edition) With Two Extended Battery 

$619.00 USD
$649.00 USD



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