Battery (Samsung).
Battery (Samsung).
Battery (Samsung).
Battery (Samsung).

Battery (Samsung)


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TypeSamsung Battery 30Q 6.0AHSamsung Battery 4.4AHSamsung Battery 2.2AH
MatchingFF PLUS & FF & Max4 & Max4 PRO & Max2 PRO
FF PLUS & FF & Max4 & Max4 PRO & Max2 PROMINI Series
Capacity6000mah 4400mah2200mah
Power216Wh (6.0Ah*36V)158.4Wh (4.4Ah*36V)79.2Wh (2.2Ah*36V)
Rated Voltage36V36V36V
Charging Voltage42V42V42V
Single Battery Cell30Q 10s2p(10Series 2Parallel)22P 10s2p(10Series 2Parallel)22P 10s1p(10Series)
Charging Time180 min120 min60 min